Website Design & Hosting


As a natural adjunct to my tech shop, I created a webhosting and website design business, HostYourOwnDotCom.com. I have yet to develop that site, though it is where this and all of my other hosted sites actually reside. On the design side, though I profess no particular level of expertise creating websites, if you can relate to me what it is that you see when you close your eyes and envision your custom-built site, I can create it.

My hosting prices are competitive, starting at just $50 per year for do-it-yourselfers with access to thousands of template-driven, easily customizable, fully functional websites that you build and control. Managed sites start at $100 per year.  Design fees are additional.  My sites can easily be turned into blogs, forums, photo galleries, FTP Backup for your files, Web-Based Commerce sites, or any kind of website that you can conceive.

For Do-It-Yourselfers, I give access 1000’s of Templates that you can modify and post.