About VCComputing

Your shop always looks closed… why is that?

Because I purchased a neon OPEN sign on E-Bay in early 2003, just after opening the shop.  It was one of my first purchases there, and I was so excited at the deal I found that I didn’t pay attention to the details of the offer.  It was made by an apprentice who somehow managed to get the right color gas in three of the letters, one being a slightly different shade of blue.  I therefore don’t use it and that’s why the shop looks closed most of the time, because the OPEN sign stays off.  Damn sign.  Actually, my eyes are somewhat light-sensitive and the fluorescents at the shop stay off most of the time as well.  Don’t be afraid, just tug on the door, I’m likely there.


Why don’t you charge more?

Good question, not entirely sure I have a good answer either.  I’m not the most savvy businessman?  I doubt many would believe how often I hear this one, usually followed by something like “Are you sure?”.  Yep, I’m sure.  Truth be told, I probably should charge more because nobody does a better job than I do.  Nobody goes to the lengths I’m willing to go to when it comes to figuring out exactly what is wrong with your computer.  They are dumb machines, only doing what we tell them to do.  There’s always a reason they misbehave, always, and after as many years figuring it out as I have under my belt, it usually doesn’t take long.  I charge what I feel is a fair price for the amount of work done.  Most of this is easy… for me at least.  It’s not rocket science, or I would charge more.  I believe in value, and that’s my goal.  It also carries the side benefit of allowing me to sleep at night,  Not quite sure how others in this industry sleep, especially those Geek Guys.  Stay away, stay far away from them, your wallet will appreciate it.


Don’t you EVER clean that shop?

About every so often I start to, then you folks start calling and coming in with computers that aren’t working and next thing I know, no.


Can you stop talking about computers, I mean… are you capable of not talking about computers?

Hmmm.  As anyone who has ever come to pick up a computer knows, not likely, at least not likely during this lifetime.  Tell me you’re in a hurry and maybe I’ll consider it…