One Week Later, Still No Power. Duke Energy Sucks.

I understand there was a hurricane because I stuck around for it.  It’s easy to see the damage, from my own neighborhood to every other neighborhood, street, avenue, road and highway. I know it exists, because I can see it.  What I don’t see in the immediate area, is why on earth Duke Energy still has not restored power to both businesses and residences around Belleview for almost a full week now.  So many still without power, my daughter and her family among them, and where are the Duke Energy trucks?  Nowhere to be seen.

There is no place on the planet as dull as a computer repair shop without power and I neglected to setup a call forward prior to the storm so callers get an operator-intercept message.  Great way to make money…  The shop closes for a week for the first time in 15 years and when I return, Irma is about to pounce.  It is the 16th as I write this, and the shop has been open for a total of 2 days this month. I blame Duke Energy’s piss-poor response with barely any updates and just a vague, “By Sunday Night” showing all week as the expected date of repair… it hasn’t changed all week.  Duke Energy is clearly inept, and it is costing me $$. 

A few days ago I published a F*** YOU IRMA on my personal Facebook page. It should have read F*** YOU IRMA & F*** YOU TOO DUKE ENERGY!

OK, rant over.  Have a nice day. Hoping to open Monday.